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Oakville Denture Clinic Various Types Of Dentures Explained

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As a patient, you might be looking into dentures if you are missing one, some, or all of your teeth. Denturists see lots of people who need a personalized denture treatment.

In the following, we will overview various kinds of dentures that you can have. We will also provide options that may be the better option for your particular dental requirements.

As a denturist, Oakville Denture Clinic recognizes that when you are missing teeth, other teeth might start to move to compensate for the space in your bite. Possibly, you might experience shrinking of both the soft tissue and the supporting bone near your missing teeth.

The good news is the right denture will keep the underlying structures of your mouth — your gums, jawbone, facial muscles, and so on — active and engaged.

Full Dentures or Standard Dentures

At Oakville Denture Clinic, we provide a selection of denture enhancements. Full or partial dentures are the most common types of dentures understood by most people.

The structure or base of a denture is usually made of pink acrylic. This will simulate the appearance and colour of your gums. These means your replacement teeth appear natural in your mouth.

Conventional dentures can be custom-made made. There is an option for more pricey products. These also help make the denture appear as natural as possible. They also make the teeth inserts more resilient over time.

Partial Dentures Oakville Denture Clinic

Partial dentures are best for clients who still have some remaining teeth. The purpose of the dentures is not only for appearance but also to protect the remaining teeth.

Partial dentures are often made from metal and acrylic. The acrylic part is put around your natural teeth. Partial dentures are detachable similar to the complete denture.

Oakville Denture Clinic recognizes a positive result of partial dentures is that they assist in bring back the function of your jaw.

Oakville Denture Clinic Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures is a denture that is intended for short-term use. They are put in the very same day as the patient’s teeth are removed.

Generally immediate dentures are used so that the patient can enjoy their everyday activities right after their teeth were removed. They are considered short-term because gradually, as the gums shrink and strengthen, a brand-new and more fitted complete denture will be provided to replace them. Immediate dentures are not intended to be permeant.

Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are linked to the each and implanted in the jawbone which holds a metal accessory that fits into another accessory on the denture.

Implant supported dentures are the finest alternative for clients looking for convenience and the most natural appearance and feel of dentures.

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